Acoustical Services are the order of the day for architectural spaces.

Novita recognises this adds value to your projects by providing the

necessary acoustical inputs. For any audio/video program to be

successful in any space, the most important and essential factor is

Acoustics which covers room acoustics, noise control and audio system.

Acoustics is a combination of various acoustical materials used in a specific

way to achieve a certain result for a specific space.

Novita   has associations with market leaders in various types of acoustical

materials such as Saint-Gobain, Anutone acoustics, Assona , Armstrong,

Echophon etc.Together  with our highly skilled manpower, our experience

and expertise and our associations with international leaders we are able

to achieve the desired results.

 Auditorium Infrastructure

Auditorium Infrastructure comprises of Acoustics,Stage Craft,Audio/Video system,Projection system

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 Stage Craft

Stage Craft is an integral part of any Auditorium space without no auditorium is complete and functional

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Audio/Video Systems

The basic and prime function of any auditorium space is to generate perfect sound and to achieve that one requires…

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