Industrial Acoustics

Industrial Acoustics

From consultancy through commissioning Novita has experience in delivering time and cost effective solutions that help create quieter,safer and more productive environments. Novita has been engaged in various range of acoustic projects. Workplaces are capable of generating high level of noise because of the nature of the type of the manufacturing process thereby that can lead to reduced productivity, hearing loss,accidents and uncomfortable working conditions. Novita has worked with clients to ensure noise levels within the acceptable norms and are according to the standards and regulations.Novita has been working in different aspects of Industrial acoustics such as

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustical Barriers
  • Acoustical Doors


Acoustic Enclosures

Our acoustics enclosures are custom designed and engineered to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.Our innovative panel construction design for acoustic enclosures and acoustic walls offer better flexibility in application.

Acoustical Barriers

As specialists in noise control,we have designed a very innovative e noise barrier which effectively control noise pollution on the shop floor of any manufacturing facility.It a very safe and effective solution which absorbs noise instead of deflecting it.

Acoustical Door

Our acoustical doors are designed to reduce sound transmission between rooms and to provide sound control to any industrial or commercial environment. Designed to suit the needs of each individual project,our range of doors are available in the range of Rw40dB and Rw45dB ratings.