False Ceiling Systems

False Ceilings

Novita provides all types of solutions for the  false ceiling. We have been working in this field since the time when there was no multinational company was present in India. We were engaged in executing large false ceiling projects for textile mills, engineering industries,pharmaceutical companies etc. At that time only aluminium extruded sections for the framing work of the false ceiling and gypsum,asbestos for the ceiling panels were available in India. After the advent of global market leaders in India the concept of modular false ceiling systems was introduced. With the concept of modularity in false ceiling, different products with different characteristics pertaining to the functionality of the false ceiling were introduced in the Indian market.As a professional comapny, Novita immediately tied up with these marketleaders such as Armstong, Saint gobain, Ecophone etc and executed jobs in millions of square feet all over India and across the spectrum of industries.

We have the market leaders in false ceiling as our business partners:

  • Armstrong world Industries Ltd
  • Saint Gobain India Ltd
  • Hunter-Douglas India Ltd
  • Echophon
  • False ceilings can be divided into two measure catagories:

  • Functional
  • Designer
  • Functional ceilings are those which are used for specific functions such as acoustics,healthcare etc where the functionality is more important than aesthetics. Designer ceilings are those which are used for enhancing the aesthetic values of the space and hence the functionality of the ceiling takes a backstage. Novita as a company has an expertise and experience in these types of ceiling systems and executed jobs in various such industries such as engineering, pharmaceutical, Entertainment etc where both functionality and aesthetics are important.