A/V Systems

Audio Video Systems

The basic and prime function of any auditorium space is to generate near perfect sound and to achieve that one needs a well designed Audio/Video system to suit the auditorium space. It involves a careful & considered selection and installation of the audio/video equipments as per the required performance.

Ideally there should be only two speaker clusters on each side of the stage. However, proper coverage pattern and best possible location for mounting are the key factors while installing the equipments. It may be,however, required to install additional front or rear fill speakers depending upon the requirements. This also requires a careful selection of the models. In short an audio system needs to be a combination of different equipments carefully selected as per their role in the complete system scientifically integrated together to generate perfect sound.

We,at Novita, have a professional team of engineers who have experience in installation and integration required for serious auditorium projects. Novita further has long term associations with many reputed multinational audio/video brands in the industry to helps us being competitive both in terms of expertise and price.

Auditorium Infrastructure

Auditorium Infrastructure comprises of Acoustics,Stage Craft,Audio/Video system,Projection system

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Acoustical Services are the order of the dayfor the architectural spaces. Novita recognises this and adds value to your projects…..

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Stage Craft

Stage Craft is an integral part of any Auditorium space without which no auditorium is complete functional….

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